Ra-Sing & Me: The Cosmic Swing Set

Ra-Sing & Me: The Cosmic Swing Set

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) -- The Cosmic Swing Set performed for Racine and Me in studio this week. 

Members are Eric Pelky on Trumpet, Mike Bugler on Bass, and Linda Kelly on piano and vocals.

The Cosmic Set performs traditional jazz standards and vocals throughout the S.E. Wisconsin area. They offer a variety of jazz styles, and will perform as a duet, and solo act, as well as a trio. The group formerly performed as the ECM Trio but had a personnel change. With that change, they also changed names, and added a bit more variety. 

The Cosmic Swing set’s flexibility and diversity makes it a great band to hire anytime you are looking to hear jazz music. They are currently putting together their Spring and Summer Calendar and are looking forward to a performance on April 2nd at the Greenfield Concert Band fundraiser.

Check them out on Facebook here: The Cosmic Swing Set | Facebook

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