Racine & Me: Largest electric transit fleet in Wisconsin

Racine & Me: Largest electric transit fleet in Wisconsin

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The largest electric transit fleet in Wisconsin is in Racine. 

Trevor Jung, Transit & Mobility Director & Tania Wright, Operations Supervisor joined CBS 58 in studio to discuss the fleet. 

Racine's nine electric buses make up 25% of the fleet. On April 27th, RYDE Racine hosted the Governor and other dignitaries for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and to launch the electric fleet into service.

The City of Racine is putting into action its commitment to the Paris Climate Accord by electrifying its transit fleet there by reducing its CO2 emissions by taking diesel buses off the road. Replacing 9 diesel buses with all-electric will result in a reduction of 1.3 million tons of CO2 in the atmosphere.

RYDE Racine was awarded 9 million dollars in State and Federal grants to cover the cost of the electrification effort that includes not only the buses but the associated charging equipment.

The City of Racine’s transit system is committed to the “3 S’s” service, sustainability and savings.

RYDE Racine is exploring solar panel installation to charge buses. They also launched RYDE Racine Transit Application for real-time passenger information. 

The crew also put together a fun music video to celebrate the electric buses. Click here for that! 

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