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Racine & Me December 9, 2018: West Racine Dry No More, Sweatshop Movement, Santa Is Real, and Clayton Nelson

NOW: Racine & Me December 9, 2018: West Racine Dry No More, Sweatshop Movement, Santa Is Real, and Clayton Nelson


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Jacob Kittilstad looked back at the end of Prohibition – and how it affected part of Racine. For about a century areas of the city have been “dry” because of rules enacted by aldermen immediately after the end of Prohibition. But a new bar/restaurant recently earned approval from the city council and it is being seen as a historic moment.

If you’d like to see some breakdancing – up close and personal – you have a chance coming up. Sweatshop Movement is hosting a Bboy event called JAM the GYM: The Battle "Sweat the Technique 5". The event will bring together competitors from across the region while also showing younger local Bboys the ins-and-outs of a large scale competition. The event is a fundraisers for the group which recently moved into a larger space to answer growing demand for their programs in Racine. Click here for more information

For the fourth year in a row Rapcine (and its editor Jesse Booker) is holding their Santa Is Real fundraiser. The goal of the work is to get presents to kids whose families might not otherwise be able to afford them. The amount of money raise has about doubled every year – and this year the effort has already raised close to $5,000. Click here for more information

If you’re not seeking out bagpipe music you might not often hear it. However, a 13-year-old in Franksville hears it pretty much every day when he practices. Clayton Nelson started playing two years ago and has already been identified as a budding talent in this area of music. He talks to Jacob about how he’s honing his skills and gives an in-studio performance.

Guests: Ericka Bozinovski – Sweatshop Movement Director, Alex Hanesakda – Sweatshop Movement Bboy Director, Jesse Booker – Organizer of “Santa Does Exist”, Jeremy Wasurick – Cream City Central Co-Founder, Clayton Nelson – Bagpipe Player

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