Racine & Me: O & H Danish Bakery celebrates the holidays

Racine & Me: O & H Danish Bakery celebrates the holidays

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) -- We're celebrating O & H Danish Bakery just in time for the holidays. Watch our interview with Eric Olesen, Third-generation co-owner of O&H Danish Baker to find out this year's limited-edition flavors! 

With the holiday season in full swing, world-renowned O&H Danish Bakery is in its busiest time of year.

They're making up to 7,000 Kringle every day in December, in addition to their many popular pastries, coffee cakes, cakes, and more.

Each year, O&H unveils a highly anticipated limited-edition flavor and this year’s is the Reindeer Tracks Kringle, available now through the end of the year for 2-day nationwide shipping and in the bakery’s five locations in the Racine area.

Reindeer Tracks Kringle is made with the bakery’s signature flaky Danish pastry and filled with smooth cream cheese, toffee and caramel candies. It’s then festively garnished with vanilla frosting, toffee bits and chocolate curls.

Additionally, this year O&H is releasing a limited-edition New Year’s Eve Kringle, Strawberry Champagne Kringle, available from Dec. 26 – January 7. The flaky pastry is filled with silky smooth cheesecake, then layered with delicious strawberry filling and garnished with creamy champagne flavored frosting and topped with white chocolate crisp pearls.

To order, click here: Everyday Kringle Favorites - O&H Danish Bakery of Racine Wisconsin (ohdanishbakery.com)

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