Racine & Me: Racine County Opportunity Center

Racine & Me: Racine County Opportunity Center

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) -- Hands of Opportunity/Racine County Opportunity Center (RCOC) is a non-profit that was established in 1957. They are an agency that focuses on individuals with special needs/developmental delays of all ages, from birth through adulthood.

The mission statement says it all, “Creating Opportunities for Life’s Potential through Learning and Living.” The goal of RCOC is to provide programs that will help all individuals maximize their potential and lead a life of fuller participation in family and the community.

Their three programs: Community Guidance program that services Youth and Adult, Childcare Center, and the Birth-3 Program. Community Guidance program & Vocational Services is committed to assisting youth and adults with special needs/barrier to gaining and maintain employment. In addition, they also offer Day Services, opportunities for individual to explore different activities in the community to learn new skills or existing skills. Their Childcare Center services children between birth and 15 years old in a developmentally appropriate environment that is both safe and secure. The goal is to provide inclusive care to all children, including those with special needs.

The Birth -3 program focuses on children with special needs/developmental delays. Their therapist's main goal is to work with the families to empower them to overcome barriers that affect daily living. Since they are a non-profit, staff look to the community to help raise funds to further their mission. Upcoming fundraisers: June 8th is a Bags Tournament at The Lanes on 20 in Racine. On August 9th is their “Golf for Kids” fundraiser for their Children’s Programs, at Ives Grove Gold Links. They have been doing this fundraiser for over 30 years.

Finally, their Youth and Adult Community Guidance Program’s fundraiser is October 5th at 11/75 in Kansasville.

All Fundraiser information can be found on their website, www.rcoc.us.

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