From courthouse to game room: Milwaukee attorney levels up the Cream City's video-gaming with mobile 'Carcade'

NOW: From courthouse to game room: Milwaukee attorney levels up the Cream City’s video-gaming with mobile ’Carcade’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Imagine if you could take any video game you wanted, their respective consoles, and two giant televisions, and stuff it all inside of a vehicle so you could play anywhere, at any time?

That's exactly what Milwaukee attorney, Tommy Ludan, brought to life with his mobile "Carcade."

"Carcade’s equal parts social entertainment as much as it is gaming. Like yes, you can compete and enjoy it and play at a high level but at the end of the day, it’s still about being in person with friends especially, and going from there that way," Ludan said.

It's Wisconsin's first "anywhere arcade" where Ludan said the goal is to "park and play."

The idea was born a few years ago when Ludan was talking to a friend while waiting to take the bar exam in Wisconsin.

"How fun would it be to go to a Brewers game and play Mario Kart or go up to Lambeau and play Madden or Tecmo Bowl, but just really take that vibe of going to a friend's house where you’re like, 'I got next!' But to do that anywhere," Ludan said.

So, when the law firm he worked at eventually closed, Ludan said he knew he had to try and make his dream come true.

"I went back to the business plan, started the business, and said, let’s see if I can make this happen," Ludan said.

He bought a black van, finalized a utility patent, and began designing the exterior logos and branding while working with his father to craft the interior systems.

After playing at the Midwest Gaming Classic in 2018, Ludan said he knew he was on to something that Milwaukee needed.

"People walk by and literally, it’s that nostalgia, the sound, the lights, you’re like, 'Oh my God, I’m reliving my childhood whether it’s this or Mario Kart or Street Fighter or anything," Ludan said. "You get to see people's reactions to it, or you have a kid's reaction like, 'Oh my God this is so cool,' kind of what my reaction would’ve been growing up. That’s really awesome to see and to me, that’s the whole reason for doing it."

Now he hosts Game Night at Foxtown Brewing in Mequon every Thursday, visits various events in Wisconsin, and encourages people of all ages to play in multiple video game leagues.

"It’s not that you ever outgrow gaming, parents play games, kids play games, you just play different iterations," Ludan said. "I think that’s the fun thing about gaming too is you can try a little bit of something and find what works for you."

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