School Bulletin: 'Canning' the principal

School Bulletin: ’Canning’ the principal

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- This month, Marquette University High School students canned their principal. Jeff Monday didn't lose his job -- just his office, temporarily, for a good cause. The student body collected more than 6,500 canned goods and non-perishable items, keeping everything in Monday's office, all to benefit Feeding America.

"Feeding America was super excited that we chose this time," Luca Kowalik, the student body president, says. "Around Christmas time, all the donation bins are always filled, and then around this time it always slows down. Now we're giving them a ton and just going to boost their inventories."

This food drive turned out to be more than a boost for the organization feeding families across Southeast Wisconsin. The student government leaders say it was a boost for the school too.

"We were just really excited to do this can drive because we're able to build up the morale of the student body, which is kind of our jobs," Jonny Adel, the student body vice president, says. "But along with that we were able to raise so many canned goods, a ton of peanut butter, for people who need it. Just a win-win."

During the three week food drive, there were incentives. At 1,000 items, the students would get one day with a relaxed dress code. At 2,000, Jon Parsons, a history teacher, promised to shave his beard. Then if the students collected 5,000 items, Monday and Casey Kowalewski, the dean of students, would spend a night on the school's roof. Monday says he was happy to agree to it.

"Certainly it represents what these gentlemen stand for and what Marquette High stands for, and that is being people for others, particularly during this time of need," Monday says. "I'm really proud of our student body, and I'm proud of our student leaders who have really seen this as an opportunity to give to others."

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