School Bulletin: Food drive exceeds expectations

School Bulletin: Food drive exceeds expectations

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Generosity became contagious this fall at Pleasant View Elementary in Franklin. The school held its annual food drive with the goal of collecting 1,000 items, but in just five days, the students had brought in about five times that amount.

"A lot of times the kids couldn't bring the food onto the bus because it was so much and so heavy," Brittany Miller, the school psychologist and food drive organizer, says. "The parents had to drop it off during the day because the kids couldn't carry all the food that they wanted to bring."

Fourth and fifth grade students from Panther Pride led the school-wide initiative, but a request from one second grader caught the attention of school administrators. Kamryn, from Ms. Iverson's class, asked for donations instead of birthday presents this year.

"I just really wanted to help out my teacher and people in need," Kamryn says. "My class really wanted to help people out. Part of my class bought a lot of food. I was really thankful for doing that."

There was no prize for bringing the most food, but Kamryn's class came out on top with more than 600 items to donate. The second graders then got to help load the truck headed to the food bank at Faith Presbyterian Church in Franklin.

"It was pretty tough to carry it all up, but it was just a good feeling knowing all those items went to people in need," Cooper, a fifth-grade member of Panther Pride, says.

Principal Alejandra Ovalle-Krolick says the church was overwhelmed with the students' efforts, but now the food bank should have enough to help people through January.

"The kids aren't giving themselves enough credit," Ovalle-Krolick says. "They organized every part of this. They encouraged each other to donate and supported each other throughout the process. It was really lovely to see that."

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