School Bulletin: Young student exchanges letters with President Biden about environment

School Bulletin: Young student exchanges letters with President Biden about environment

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Meadowview Elementary School student decided to write a letter to one of the most famous addresses in the world: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And to everyone's surprise, President Joe Biden actually wrote back.

"He is a busy guy, but I did not expect him to write back at all," Jamie Kelso said. "But it's good that he did."

Last year, Kelso's second grade teacher, Jessie Stenlund, asked the class to write about something they were passionate about. It was a no-brainer for Kelso. He wanted to the president to pay attention to the environment.

"I asked him to maybe use some money to donate to organizations that help with animal conservation, reduce fossil fuels, help stop climate change and stop deforestation too," Kelso, now 8-years-old, says.

But it was in first grade when Kelso says he became more interested in the environment and natural sciences.

"I learned that there are over 8 million species of animals, and some are still being discovered," Kelso says. "So, if there are these many animals, and so many of them are endangered, then I should know how to try and increase their species."

Kelso says there are plenty of little things everyone can do to help animals and the environment. He knows recycling, picking up litter and planting trees are all good, but Kelso says he is also really interested in renewable energy.

The letter from President Biden reads in part, "Because of students like you, I am more confident than ever in our country's ability to overcome any challenge we face."

Kelso says when he grows up, he'd like to work in animal conservation. He says he has a soft spot for ocean creatures and that electric eels are among his favorites.

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