Search intensifies for Milwaukee man who walked away from group home on Mother's Day

NOW: Search intensifies for Milwaukee man who walked away from group home on Mother’s Day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There is growing concern for the wellbeing of a 59-year-old man who walked away from his group home on Mother's Day and never returned. His family's desperate for answers.

Family tells us Carvell Jennings wasn't himself on Mother's Day. A bit disoriented, he said he wanted to visit his mother, but she's been deceased for five years. Now, family members are doing all they can to try to find him.

Ring doorbell footage caught Carvell Jennings walking near 66th and Brentwood on Mother's Day afternoon. Around 4:30 p.m., Jennings can be seen getting onto a Milwaukee County bus.

"He was kind of confused. He always comes back home. He just goes to the store," said Ebony Jennings, daughter of missing man.

But this time, Jennings didn't return to his north side home.

"He's grown and he wants to, you know, go off on his own, so a part of me wants to let him do his thing, but the other part of me knows I still have to protect him," said Ebony Jennings.

The month of May started rough for Jennings. He spent 10 days in the hospital. A fall left him bleeding on his brain. Hospital staff released him just two days before he disappeared.

"He had slept the majority of the day on Saturday, talked to him for a little bit while he was up, that's how I knew he had wanted to go to the store on Saturday," said Ebony Jennings.

A caregiver at the group home tells us Jennings often walked to a nearby store. He told his daughter on Mother's Day that's where he intended to go.

"It's not like him. My uncle is very family oriented, so he would want to be with his family right now," said Tequila Thames, niece of Jennings.

For seven straight days now, a daughter's love has taken Ebony Jennings, along with family and friends, on a city-wide search, posting fliers and looking in the woods.

"He is my best friend. I'm an only child. I would do anything for my dad. I don't care about any of his shortcomings, you know, that's my guy," said Ebony Jennings.

In addition to being underweight at less than 110 pounds at 5'7", Jennings' daughter tells us he suffers from seizures and to their knowledge, hasn't taken his medication since he's been gone.

A caregiver at the group home says Milwaukee police have been popping in and out over the last eight days as the search intensifies.

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