Senate committee schedules vote on Wisconsin's chief election officer

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Senate committee will vote Monday on the appointment of Wisconsin's chief election officer, a move that could ultimately leave the position vacant heading into a pivotal election year.

The Senate committee on Shared Revenue, Elections and Consumer Protection will vote by paper ballot to reappoint Meagan Wolfe as administrator of the state elections commission.

The vote would advance her appointment to the Senate floor, which would give Republicans the opportunity to vote down her confirmation -- essentially firing her.

Last week, the committee held a public hearing on Wolfe to begin the nomination proceedings. Then, chairman on the committee, Rep. Dan Knodl, told CBS 58 he was undecided on scheduling a vote after suggesting concerns on how it could trigger a lawsuit in the ongoing dispute over Wolfe's future.

Attorney General Josh Kaul advised Wolfe to not testify before the committee because he said lawmakers have no authority to try and force a vote on firing her.

Republicans have long held a grudge against Wolfe for how she administered the 2020 election when Covid cases were skyrocketing during the pandemic. Republicans took issue with rules set by the commission addressing absentee ballot drop boxes and witness signatures on absentee ballot envelopes.

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