Temperature and Sunlight Milestones Today

NOW: Temperature and Sunlight Milestones Today


Signs of autumn are all around us. Recently, the brisk wind and chilly air are a stark reminder that the colder season is invading. The stats back it up too. Today's date holds the last average high in the 60s until next spring. Check it out: 

 However, despite the cooler temperatures by the averages and what we've also endured recently, a nice turnaround is happening as we speak! Afternoon sunshine should bring us well into the upper 50s today, a place we haven't been in a good four days. The wind will be lighter too! And beyond today, we're stringing together what is likely our last stretch of 70s for the year. 
 Do get out and enjoy the warmer days which also come with plenty of sun. We're at peak fall colors too! 
 Check out this gorgeous color in Mequon. We are fighting dwindling sunlight to get out and enjoy the sights. I want to pass along this daylight milestone with you. 
 Our last sunset in the 6 o' clock hour is today. The next time sunsets will be after 6pm is mid-March, right after Daylight Saving Time kicks back in for the year. And by next week Monday our next rain chance kicks back in. It will be followed by another cool down so make the most of the good looking weekend ahead.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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