Couple's wedding interrupted by Delavan tornado

NOW: Couple’s wedding interrupted by Delavan tornado

DELAVAN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Everyone is worried something will go wrong on their wedding day, maybe the cake is wrong, or your family gets into a silly fight, or a tornado. That last one is just what happened to a McHenry, Illinois couple during their wedding at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan on Friday. 

"It started like pretty much any other wedding day," said the bride, Kaela Williams.

Kaela and Alex Williams say their wedding was going exactly as expected, despite a little rain. The only thing truly missing, Kaela's grandma -- Mimi Geiger -- who passed away recently.

"As soon as I was about to like walk, the rain stopped," said Kaela, "So my mom kept telling me that it was my grandma."

With the ceremony, dinner, and cake done, Chris Capcik -- with Moving N Grooving DJs -- says his first wedding of the season with DJ Felix Entertainment was going great.

"We're getting ready for first dance when all the people in the room, their phones started going off," said Capcik, "The staff had come up to me and said, 'Hey, you've got to help me get these 140 guests down into the basement,' which is a first for me."

"We just kept saying like only at our wedding would this happen," joked Kaela.

"Chris came up to me, the DJ, after I kind of made eye contact with him like what are we going to do? Rather than just kind of stuff everybody down in the basement and make them sit there," said Alex.

"I ran out to my van. While the air raid sirens are going off, I grabbed a powered speaker that we usually use for ceremonies," said Capcik, "And the place just started jumping from there."

Turning what could've been a bad situation, into a story they'll tell forever.

While nearby in Delavan, sheet metal was getting ripped off buildings, and there was even a little bit of damage at the resort, everyone was sheltered, and no one was hurt.

The resort didn't have to close due to said damages.

Everything at the Williams' wedding was, in a way, perfect.

"I just really wasn't bothered by a tornado. I thought it was hilarious," said Kaela, "And I was just downstairs like laughing the whole time."

While Kaela's Grandma Mimi wasn't there physically, Kaela says by the end of the night she kind of was.

"I feel like the tornado was just kind of like my grandma's saying like she was there...she was the life of the party because that's who she was as a woman," said Kaela.

Thanks in part to a fast-thinking DJ, and all the love in the room.

"We just wanted to make sure all of our guests had a great time and he definitely achieved that," said Kaela.

"It was definitely greatly appreciated that he was able to adapt that quickly and just continue doing what [Capsik] does best," said Chris.

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