Ukrainians in Wisconsin hear from family amid latest Russian attacks

NOW: Ukrainians in Wisconsin hear from family amid latest Russian attacks

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- At least 10 are dead and 60 more hurt, according to Ukrainian officials, after the latest major attack from Russia on Ukraine's Capitol Kyiv on Monday.

Ukrainian Americans here in Southeast Wisconsin say this is a constant terror for them, one that often isn't being talked about eight months since the start of the invasion.

Early Monday morning their phones started ringing, they say every time they pick up, they fear for their families' lives.

"This morning at 4 a.m. I started getting notifications on my phone," said Ukrainian American Yuliana Bellini.

She says she tried to ignore it to get some sleep, but then the phone calls started coming in.

"I realized that it must be something serious," said Bellini.

It was her sister in Kyiv, for the first time in months the city was once again under bombardment from Russian forces.

Bellini says while her family is more prepared than when this started eight months ago, it's still hard to know what to do.

"She didn't realize what was better choice for her, either stay at home, be covered under shelter, or run," said Bellini.

Her sister kept her updated, her father took shelter.

"So, I kind of knew how she was doing, but then I hadn't heard from my dad in six hours. Those six hours were six hours of misery," said Bellini.

She says while they're all okay, this is the reality for the 46,000,000 Ukrainians she says are now all family to her.

Bellini says she volunteers to try and help kids orphaned by the conflict.

"Those children are the ones who need help the most," said Bellini.

Bellini is hoping people across the world continue to be aware of what's happening there.

"The truth is it never stops happening, people die daily, we don't pay attention enough," said Bellini.

This latest attack came after a bridge linking the Crimean Peninsula with Russia was blown up.

Russian authorities say it was a Ukrainian truck bomb that caused the blast in which three people died.

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