‘Unapologetically Black’: Black Nativity returns for 7th year in a row

NOW: ‘Unapologetically Black’: Black Nativity returns for 7th year in a row

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Starting this Thursday, Dec. 8, the theatrical performance of the Black Nativity will be back for the seventh year in a row. 

This year, the popular Christmas story is bringing in major investment dollars. 

This production of the Black Nativity is coined as "bigger, bolder and blacker," taking the audience on a journey of faith and healing. 

"We have been saying we are doing this for the culture, and we are being unapologetically Black," said Dimonte Henning, director of Black Nativity. 

Inside the four walls of Vogel Hall at the Marcus Center, young actors are preparing for opening day of a Christian tradition, recreating a nativity scene with some Milwaukee flair. 

"There will be ad libs and phrases that you'll hear that you'll only recognize in Milwaukee," said Henning. 

This unique play blends the story of the birth of Christ with social justice issues such as the rippling effects of Covid and gun violence, looking to provide a message of hope.

"I think that this play reinforces faith, reinforces connection, but ultimately it reinforces love," said Henning. 

The four-day play cost an estimated $100,000 to produce, with every crew member being a person of color and from Milwaukee.

"I can identify with that, and then what can I do next? And I think that the play does a great job at answering that question," Henning said. "I think within this piece, you'll realize the value within yourself and what it means to connect with other people and to connect with yourself."

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