Union workers stand up to Northwestern Mutual over job security concerns

NOW: Union workers stand up to Northwestern Mutual over job security concerns

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Some Northwestern Mutual employees are standing up to the company.

On Tuesday, union members handed out fliers outlining their concerns over job security.

Some workers say the company is trying to outsource their jobs and employ temporary agency workers. According to members of OPEIU Local 35, around 1,000 professional clerical and maintenance employees have been with working without a contract this month.

They say Northwestern Mutual is insisting on outsourcing work despite an agreement and $50 million tax incentive to keep jobs local.

“The company should support jobs for here in Milwaukee and decent paying jobs for residents of Milwaukee and the greater Milwaukee area,” Northwestern Mutual employee and OPEIU Local 35 vice president Charlie Campbell said.

A spokesperson from Northwestern Mutual gave the following statement to CBS 58:

"We are committed to Milwaukee and have had a respectful relationship with OPEIU Local 35 for more than 40 years. Our practice has been to use flexible staffing to ensure we are meeting the needs of our clients, especially during peak times. We have not used temporary labor to replace union-eligible employees, and we remain fully committed to continuing that practice with OPEIU Local 35."

Union workers plan on handing out the fliers through Thursday.

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