Up and Down Temps Continue

NOW: Up and Down Temps Continue

We've now had a taste of summer heat. But we have also enjoyed milder days too. Let's set the stage by looking at highs the last five days.

After a cold end to May with highs barely reaching 60, June has fared much better in the temperature department. While not everyone likes the heat, most of us wait all season for the few months of warm temperatures in southeast Wisconsin. The good news is that there's a little bit of everything in the weather ahead to satisfy most folks. Everyday so far this month has been above average. That 93 on Tuesday set a new record high for Milwaukee. Today we are tracking a cold front. It sits right overhead early this afternoon. We expect another warm and humid day today, but once the front passes cooler and drier air takes hold for the weekend. Look at these dropping dew points: 

 So in addition to a weekend cool down, the humidity will feel more comfortable as well.  The cooler air won't last long. The weather pattern overall has been fairly progressive meaning we haven't been stuck with one type of weather for too long. That's evident by our forecast for the next ten days. 
 Average highs are in the low 70s through this stretch. As you can see, while the weekend is cooler, it's actually closer to where we should be this time of year. Next week things heat up again with mid 80s to start. After rain chances late Tuesday and Wednesday (some of which would be remnants of Tropical Storm Cristobal) we cool back again. At this time the heat looks to build once again through that following weekend. So pick the day you like and enjoy the outdoors! We're nearing the longest days of the year with plenty of time to soak in some summer fun.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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