UPS driver delivers kindness in viral social media post

NOW: UPS driver delivers kindness in viral social media post

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Jeremy Watson, a UPS driver, delivered more than just a package last Friday, and now his small act of kindness is getting a big reaction on social media.

"I was just out doing my route, I came out of the building and I seen the lady standing on the corner, and she was blind. So then I just asked her, I said, 'are you okay, do you need any help?'" Watson said. "And she was like yeah, I'm looking for my Uber."

Watson saw the Uber across the busy intersection and offered to lend a hand.

"I asked her if she needed some help and she said yeah, I'd love some help, so I grabbed her arm and we walked across the street," Watson said.

Watson didn't think much of it, but a woman nearby did. That woman, Shari Engstrom, took pictures and posted the act of kindness on social media.

"It feels great," Watson said.

The post has more than 1,500 likes and comments. Some commenters recognize Jeremy from his UPS route and aren't at all surprised he was there to help.

"It makes me feel good that my customers know who I am as a person," Watson said.

Even though Watson just helped this woman a short distance, things like this go a long way in making our community better.

"If all of us keep doing that, It just makes the world a better place to live in, safer and wonderful," Watson said. "You can trust other people."

Watson wasn't looking for recognition when he stepped in to help, but he hopes his example will encourage others to deliver kindness.

"That's me, I'm happy 24/7," Watson said. "Life is great, life is wonderful."

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