Very wet and warm February comes to an end as we look ahead to March

NOW: Very wet and warm February comes to an end as we look ahead to March

February is over and in the record books! The month ended very wet with a record smashing rainfall on Monday. Overall, February was very wet with multiple days of rain and that big sleet event in the third week of the month. February 2023 goes down as the second wettest February on record with 4.30" on total precip smashing the average.

Even though we saw a lot of total precipitation during the month, we lacked a little on snowfall. February snow totals reached 7.8" last month which is exactly 4" below the average and even below last February.

February did see some up and down temperatures but definitely more warmth than cold air. The average temperature of the month at 31.7* is enough to go down as the 14th warmest February on record and 4.6* above-average.

The warmest day in February was 55* on February 12th during a stretch of 50* days. The coldest day was on February 3rd when we got down below-zero to -1. 

Most of the warmth during February came with our number of days above 40*. We had 18 days at or above 40* including a few hitting the 50s. That more than doubles the average number of 40*+ days in February and almost reached the record of 20 days at or above 40 in February set back in 1882.

Now we look ahead to March. It's a month that typically warms a lot on average with average highs going from the upper 30s to the upper 40s and lows going from the 20s to the 30s. The month still averages 6.7 of snowfall. Daylight Saving Time starts March 12th and Spring begins on March 20th.

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