Vigil held for victims of quadruple shooting outside Milwaukee church

NOW: Vigil held for victims of quadruple shooting outside Milwaukee church

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A quadruple shooting outside a church in broad daylight took two lives from the same family.

Wednesday night, a vigil was held on the block where it happened. Organizers don't know the victims but had a reason for putting it together.

Mass had ended hours before the Sunday afternoon shooting on Feb. 25, but those in St. Catherine's parish felt compelled to do something to pray for all who were involved.

"Fill our hearts with that hope that only you can bring to us as we mourn the lives of two individuals who died right here on the corner," they prayed.

That corner is 51st and Center, where 21-year-old Brianna Sanders, a mother of three, and her cousin, 28-year-old Sam Hunt, lost their lives. Terry O'Kelly was there.

"I just came on the scene, and everything was taped off. Pretty high emotional environment," said O'Kelly, who is a violence interrupter with 414Life.

Friends of Brianna Sanders were among the large gathering outside St. Catherine's parish Wednesday evening.

"We lift our voices in sorrow and frustration," they prayed.

It's just steps from where Sunday's shooting happened.

"We are here mourning for our brothers and sisters who are shot this past Sunday. Twenty-one and 28, those dreams are gone," they prayed.

"I would want the family to know that we're praying for you, all of us are," said Shanedra Johnson, director of urban ministry with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

These prayers extend beyond the family of Sanders and Hunt to a concerned community and to first responders. Here, hands are raised as people pray over Milwaukee's brave men and women.

"We value you and what you do, and the risk that you take. We know that every time you step out those doors, there's uncertainty," they prayed.

"The first responders, as others run away from situations and violence, they run towards it. So, to make sure that we have their back, to make sure they're covered in prayer, is a big focus," said Quinn Taylor, community violence prevention coordinator.

Milwaukee police say the shooting appeared to be domestic in nature. They have three in custody.

"The church isn't just here for Sunday services. We are here to serve the community, be a resource to the community, and this happened in our community," said Johnson.

One woman from the neighborhood told us she was so thrilled to see how many people had turned out because she truly believes that prayer can drive out evil.

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