Warm February weather

NOW: Warm February weather

It's been all the buzz this winter with our strong El Niño, the warmer than normal temperatures. This February has continued the mild trend. Have a look: 

 This year continues at 2nd warmest for this month to date. And there's really no signs of slowing down! Here's the temperature outlook for the rest of the month and into the first week of March: 
But this week back in 2017 not only warm but was record setting. It all started on the 17th of the month with a week-long stretch of temps in the 50s-70s!! Highs that week shook out to 64º, 67º, 58º, 59º, 66º, 71º and 57º respectively. 
 After that period, we had four new record highs and one new record warm low. While we don't have 70s on the docket, some of us are currently in the 60s. And all of us will at least enjoy 50s now, again tomorrow, and again by the end of the weekend. Next week starts in the 50s and peaks at 60 with a chance for storms next Tuesday!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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