'Watching her is surreal': Germantown High School alum, KK Arnold, playing in NCAA Final Four

NOW: ’Watching her is surreal’: Germantown High School alum, KK Arnold, playing in NCAA Final Four

GERMANTOWN, Wis. (CBS 58) – The NCAA Women's Final Four kicks off Friday night.

University of Connecticut plays Iowa at 8:30 p.m., and locals will be cheering on Germantown High School graduate KK Arnold as she takes the court for UConn.

"It's just really exciting for, not just obviously her and family, but for the whole community," said Matt Stuve, varsity girls basketball coach at Germantown High School.

Arnold, a freshman at UConn, has been a key player this tournament season, making her former teammates proud.

"I text her after some of the games, and she's been just such a wonderful presence for our program," Stuve said.

Stuve coached Arnold through her more than 2,400 career points at Germantown and one state championship.

He recalls her tremendous energy on and off the court.

"It was hard not to have a good day when KK walked into the gym," Stuve laughed.

"If I had to describe KK, I would say determined, funny, energetic," said GHS senior, Lucy Leininger.

Leininger said watching her former teammate's success is inspiring.

"I'm really proud of how much she's been able to step up for the team, and watching her is just kind of surreal," Leininger said. "I'm really excited to see not just what she does tonight but in her future years at UConn."

It comes as women's basketball is growing in popularity - across the nation and in Arnold's hometown.

"Because of who she is and the impact she had on our school, the community, people are paying a lot more attention, and it's just been fun to watch," Stuve explained.

"Through the halls I'll see people wearing UConn shirts even on game days, and it's just so awesome to see the support," Leininger said.

When asked what they would say to Arnold before Friday's big game:

"With KK, you don't have to say much, because she's going to enjoy the moment," Stuve said.

"Good luck KK, we're all rooting for you!" Leininger cheered.

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