Waukesha man with Parkinson's Disease punches back with some boxing moves

NOW: Waukesha man with Parkinson’s Disease punches back with some boxing moves

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Parkinson's Foundation estimates a million people nationwide have the debilitating neurological disease. 71-year-old Mark Buffington from Waukesha is one of them. He was diagnosed 15 years ago. But only now is he really starting to feel better.

Mark works out at Rumble Boxing in Brookfield three days a week, incorporating boxing with high intensity interval training plus he walks everyday at least for thirty minutes. He's following his doctor's advice to keep active to fight this condition affecting his central nervous system.

On April 23, Mark will be attending the annual Parkinson's symposium put on by the state of Wisconsin. Click here for all the details to learn more or if you're interested in attending.

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