'We need stricter penalties': Woman killed in reckless driving crash near Congress and Fond du Lac

NOW: ’We need stricter penalties’: Woman killed in reckless driving crash near Congress and Fond du Lac

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Loved ones are remembering a 43-year-old Milwaukee woman killed in a reckless driving crash. Dwynetta Thomas was hit Saturday morning, March 12, near Congress and Fond du Lac. 

"He took away something extremely special," said Tristian Thomas, victim's brother. 

Tristian Thomas is still processing his sister's death. 

"Obviously very sudden, nobody expected this. It was her just going about her day," Tristian said. 

Milwaukee police say a 22-year-old driver was speeding. He was trying to make a left turn and smacked into Dwynetta's car. 

"The head injury was just too much and she was gone. After further tests, it showed that she actually died on impact," Tristian said. 

Family says she was a giver, and even through her death she's still helping someone else. 

"We left her on life support strictly because she's a donor, so even though her life was cut short she's going to do what she's always done: take care of other people, give someone else another chance," Tristian said. 

March is a rough month for the Thomas family. It brings back devastating memories. 

"She passed nine days before the observance of our mother's passing three years ago," Tristian said. 

Tristian acknowledges the reckless driving issue in the city, and wonders what it's going to take to end it. 

"We need stricter penalties for all of this," he said. "There has to be an example made. This 22-year-old that decided that the laws don't apply, the rules don't apply to him, he's above it all. Extinguished a bright light...He didn't just take her from his family. He took her from a community. He took away someone extremely special."

The 22-year-old driver suffered minor injuries. He was taken to the hospital and arrested. 

Charges are expected to come in the next few days. 

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