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Weekend workshop aims to curb high anxiety among your kids

Delafield (CBS 58)--Calm, cool, capable. Three big “c” words swirling around a weekend workshop aimed at helping kids cope with high anxiety. The mental health clinic called Gals out of Delafield is hosting the event. It focuses on social skill building and friendship development in addition to art exploration and group-based play. Counselors say today’s high tech world involving social media helps make our children vulnerable and anxious.

There’s still room available for Saturday’s workshop at the Gals Institute in Delafield. Log onto our website for more information. Also, at the end of this month, on November 30, there will be several free screenings of the movie Screenagers.  It looks at how social media impacts the development of children and what parents can effectively do to help their kids find balance. Click here for all the details about this movie and what Gals Institute does.

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