Wet, heavy snowfall makes for sloppy roadways across SE Wisconsin

NOW: Wet, heavy snowfall makes for sloppy roadways across SE Wisconsin

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Heavy, wet snow swept through southeast Wisconsin on Friday, Dec. 9.

According to the Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW), shortly before 10 a.m., a "general ice control" or "GIC" was initiated. It's a citywide anti-icing operation utilizing approximately 100 salt trucks.

The snow in Milwaukee County did not start until after the morning commute, but some were still surprised they did not see more accidents out on the roads.

"Usually, the first snow, you know, there's like 20 cars in the ditch," Milwaukee County resident Pamela Cole said. "I see a lot of people out, but I don't see people crashing and stuff, everybody is kind of just driving slow."

One man tells CBS 58 he was not surprised by the snow, but by the speed at which it fell.

"Not so bad, honestly, because it's Wisconsin, we're used to this. But we're not so used to it coming all at once," Milwaukee County resident River Waters said.

"How it came, how fast it came in was the shocker, not the actual snow, because we're from Wisconsin, we know what it is."

Waters, a Wisconsin native, said he is prepared for more snow, and he hopes his fellow drivers are too.

"Hopefully this is the thing that reminds everybody that we're in Wisconsin, this is the Midwest. We're going to get snow, cold and slippery roads. So, slow down and be patient."

Walworth County was one of the first places to see snow Friday morning. Large snowflakes came down in both Lake Geneva and East Troy, making the roads a problem as many headed out to start their day.

“We have 62 miles of road we have to take care of,” said Town of East Troy DPW Superintendent Todd Scheel. “It takes a little bit.”

East Troy had four out of five plows on the roads. Crews will stay out through the afternoon commute to make sure people get home safely.

Scheel says the wet snow is making for sloppy roads.

“Very slippery. This stuff packs down to the road very easily, so with the traffic driving over it, it packs it down and makes it kind of icy,” said Scheel.

Meantime, Milwaukee DPW wants to remind folks to follow all parking rules and read posted signs. Also, note winter parking regulations are in place.

Garbage and recycling collection may also be impacted.

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