What does Wisconsin smell like?

NOW: What does Wisconsin smell like?

MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) -- If there was one smell you associate with Wisconsin, what would it be?

Whether it's a loved one's perfume or the fragrance of a favorite place, our sense of smell is a powerful tool that can transport us. 

Now, a perfume made in Madison, Wisconsin aims to capture the essence of the badger state with each spray. 

Eau De Wisconsin is made by Zodica Perfumery. Krisi Moe is the founder and creator of the company. Moe is a Madison native. She has lived in a number of places but chose Wisconsin to build up her business in. It all started out with a line of celestial fragrances. 

"Most of the time that is invested into developing a perfume really is at the beginning stages when you are developing that scent profile. For example, with zodiac fragrances...it took me three years to do 12 and I did over 500 renditions before we settled on the 12. The wanderlust collection, that development process was all over the place," said Moe. 

"Eau De Wisconsin is meant to smell like the beautiful state that Wisconsin is. I created this perfume to celebrate our home and no, it doesn't smell like beer or cheese," chuckled Moe. 

"I think it smells like a beautiful walk in the woods on a summer day. Eau De Wisconsin is a blend of different zodiac signs from our existing zodiac collection. The signs that were selected are based on its natal chart. It's really just highlighting the most astrologically significant aspects of the chart. In our Zodiac collection, we have more than 100 oils in each perfume. But Eau De Wisconsin is over 200...so it's very layered and sophisticated," said Moe. 

Moe says it was fun creating a scent that reminds her of so many good memories growing up. 

"I'm the daughter of a Wisconsin dairy farmer and a teacher and there's no place like home. There really isn't." 

Moe started her state scents with New York and expanded to Wisconsin, among others. She also says there is a right way to smell a perfume. 

"You want the alcohol to burn off before you smell it. You want to smell it on something neutral before you put it on your skin. When you put perfume on your skin, it may turn the fragrance so it may be positive or negative. Just because it doesn't smell positive on your skin doesn't mean you can't wear it. You can wear it on your clothing and still enjoy how it smells out of the bottle," explained Moe. 

Moe went on to say that when you spray a perfume on your skin, it makes it warm and gives the smell depth. 

"The best thing though is when you spray your skin do not rub it. You do not want to rub your perfume into your skin. You want it to rest like a fine wine as I would say," said Moe. 

Moe went on to explain a perfume aura. 

"If you want to want into a party or date and have someone smell that scent on you immediately, the best place to wear it is on a pulse point because that is the hottest part of your body. That will heat up those oils and evoke them into the atmosphere. If you want to wear something all day long, wear it on a cooler part of your body like the top of your arm. It will not be evaporated as fast," said Moe. 

Moe hopes people will smell the perfume and be comforted by a scent that feels like home. 

"I haven't asked the question what It smells like, I usually tell them what the notes are. We can definitely experiment with that I would love to hear feedback. I'm guessing people won't say it smells like beer or cheese," said Moe. 

"We did have a customer actually that said something really nice about Eau De Wisconsin. She said it smelled like a blue-sky hug. So, that felt like a great compliment for me because it celebrates the birth time when Wisconsin became a state," said Moe. 

You can purchase the perfume here and follow Zodica Perfumery here

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