Wisconsin state court judge rules against Trump lawsuit

NOW: Wisconsin state court judge rules against Trump lawsuit

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It has been just 10 days since President Trump first challenged the recounts in Milwaukee and Dane counties.

The case is likely headed back to the state Supreme Court after Friday morning's loss in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

The Trump campaign has filed and appeal with the appellate court after losing Friday morning.

However, because the presidential electors vote Monday, the case could be fast tracked to the state Supreme Court.

"The certification of the results of the 2020 Wisconsin presidential election after the Dane County and Milwaukee County recounts is affirmed," said Reserve Judge Stephen Simanek.

The Trump campaign wanted to toss more than 220,000 ballots. Attorney Jim Troupis argued the law was not followed in Milwaukee and Dane counties.

"Other places including Oconomowoc, right outside Milwaukee, did this correctly under the statutes," said Troupis.

The Biden campaign argued against tossing the ballots saying Wisconsin law is designed to express the will of the voters.

"They're asking you to throw out the votes of more than 220,000 Wisconsin citizens who voted in full compliance with the laws that were in effect," said Biden campaign Attorney John Devaney.

The judge ultimately agreed the laws and procedures were followed correctly.

"Because the court is satisfied, the rules and guidelines applied in each of the disputed areas are reasonable, and a correct interpretation of the underlying early absentee voting laws," said Simanek.

He issued a quick ruling to give the Trump attorneys time to appeal.

"Time is of the essence here, in less than 100 hours, the electors meet to vote," said Simanek.

The state supreme court has not said if it will accept the case.

The president also has a federal case pending which was heard Thursday.

That judge is expected to issue a ruling any day now.

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