Wisconsin voters will weigh in on marijuana, guns on Election Day

NOW: Wisconsin voters will weigh in on marijuana, guns on Election Day

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- While tight races for U.S. Senate and governor are drawing the most attention, there are other ways that voters can make their voice heard on Tuesday's ballot.

No less than eight Wisconsin cities and counties have marijuana referendum legalization questions put before their voters, including:

  • Appleton
  • Kenosha
  • Racine
  • Stevens Point
  • Superior
  • Dane County
  • Eau Claire County
  • Milwaukee County

While neither Tim Michels nor Tony Evers have made marijuana central to their campaigns, they are on opposite sides of the issue. Tony Evers has promised to include cannabis legalization in the next state budget if reelected, while Tim Michels said in a radio interview earlier this year that he opposes legalization.

Voters in two Southeastern Wisconsin counties will also weigh in on gun laws.

Milwaukee County is asking voters, "Should the Wisconsin Legislature prohibit the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of semi-automatic 'military-style' firearms whose prohibition is allowed under the Wisconsin and United States Constitutions?"

Milwaukee is dealing with a gun problem that some politicians admit is "out of control." At least 20 Milwaukee children have died in 2022 from gun violence.

A much different question in Kenosha County, where voters will be asked, “Should the Wisconsin State Legislature declare the State of Wisconsin to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary State?”

Kenosha is also a focus of a debate on guns after Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murder and other charges after shooting and killing Joseph Rosenbaum of Kenosha and Anthony Huber of Silver Lake, while also wounding Gaige Grosskreutz from West Allis, during a protest in Kenosha following the shooting of Jacob Blake. 

These referendums are non-binding, meaning lawmakers are not compelled to change any laws based on the results of the vote.

For a full list of referendum questions across the state, click here.

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