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Wisconsin residents unite online for virtual rally to support Stay-at-Home orders

NOW: Wisconsin residents unite online for virtual rally to support Stay-at-Home orders


(CBS 58) -- A virtual protest is happening this weekend in support of Wisconsin’s Safer at Home rule.

The online response comes after several in-person rallies against the Governor Evers' orders.

It seems, Wisconsin has become a divided place.

Thousands, rallied Friday outside the capitol, for Evers to reopen the state, but thousands of others are choosing to stay inside 

“They have a right to that opinion, what they don’t have a right to do though is put other people at harm," Dane County resident Becky Armstrong said.

On Saturday, April 25, and Sunday, April 26, they’re taking to social media.

It's a virtual counter-protest – of words, pictures and videos – backing the Stay at Home orders.

Marathon County resident Marybeth Glenn helped organize the Safer at Home Wisconsin Rally.

“There’s kind of been a cold response to that in terms of ‘this is not my problem. You know your health is not my problem,” Glenn said. “And it’s really sad to see fellow Americans be like that.”

Armstrong said her private sewing business has lost nearly $30,000.

“This is not the flu, this is not a common cold. This is a very deadly disease," Armstrong said.

But to her, staying inside means staying alive.

“I will take that loss of revenue, however, if it means keeping myself, my family, friends, neighbors safe.”

A Facebook group created by the Safer at Home rally organizers has more than 15,000 members.

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MichaelGroves 40 days ago
The governor is the dullest tool in the shed. All these stay at home imbeciles were under their beds for this event. Scientists have discovered moisture, heat, and Sun shine kill this virus. Doctors in Italy doing the autopsies of virus victims that died are finding out the use of the ventilators is what's killing them. It's not a respiratory issue. It's an immune issue. Evers has no clue. Then there is the video of Dr Fauci that is telling people to be sanitary. Wiping his nose in his suit sleve, and then touching others with that same hand. Nice. But if a hypocrit? But Sheeple please follow your leader blindly. We have seen where that has gotten people befor. I spelled words wrong for the English teachers out there to correct. Imbeciles.
GeQur 40 days ago
The Governor deserves the support of the people of Wisconsin, he has earned it. His "Safe at Home" order is based on science and statistics, not what protestors are demanding as they march openly around the State without a single concern for those that are sheltering. Marching with rifles, and Confederate flags without permits. Of course being tested for this threatening virus and proving negative or with antibodies would make a big difference. I have not heard that they are considering that safeguard. Yes, we all want to go back to work, to be with friends and celebrate life, but that is not an option right now.
starcane GeQur 40 days ago
They are marching with AMERICAN flags too. Parading around with a sign for a haircut, during a safer at home order is NOT AMERICAN
Jules 40 days ago
Giving more power to our dictator govner by having a safer at home online rally 😡
starcane Jules 40 days ago
Mr Evers needs to ENFORCE his order ,crowd control canons need to be used on the ignorant that are costing us big bucks ever day by prolonging the order
Shannon Jules 40 days ago
A safer at home online rally is the only correct way to do it. To do a rally like the covidiots is just natural selection at its finest. Oh, and it's spelled g-o-v-e-r-n-o-r. Bye.
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