Youth resource center opening in Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood

NOW: Youth resource center opening in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Teens and young adults on Milwaukee's south side will now have closer access to a resource center designed to help them get ready for the next phase of life.

Owen's Place youth resource center has a new location on 5th Street and National Avenue in Walker's Point, expanding their reach from the original Owen's Place location on Fond du Lac Avenue.

A grand opening ceremony for the southside location was held Wednesday afternoon.

Owen's Place is a free drop-in resource center for anyone ages 16 to 24, with a goal to help them develop plans for the future.

The new center has a recreation room, computer lab, laundry services, hygiene products, a kitchen, and more.

It is funded and operated through Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Services Wraparound Program and St. Charles Youth and Family Services.

The purpose is to provide equity and empowerment to local teens and young adults.

“We want them to be able to come here, get the necessary support, get the necessary care, get the necessary resources so they can be the best them," said Glynis Underwood, vice president of community programs at St. Charles. "Our biggest thing is making sure they feel safe and supported while they’re here with us at Owen’s Place.”

The Walker's Point location officially opens on March 1.

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