1st of 5 galleries for new Milwaukee Public Museum unveiled

NOW: 1st of 5 galleries for new Milwaukee Public Museum unveiled

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Public Museum is halfway through the process for their new museum building, set to open in late 2026. This spring, we're getting a better idea of what the galleries look like. 

Tuesday morning, March 7, marked the first of five gallery unveilings, featuring concept sketches of some exhibits. 

The first gallery revealed is called "Time Travel," and it will feature prehistoric and ancient exhibits, leading up to modern time. 

The Torosaur skeleton -- in the current museum -- will have an exhibit along with the Hebior Mammoth, Silurian Reef, and many fossils.

The new museum will allow space to reimagine these iconic exhibits with new educational opportunities.

"Taking the things that are familiar, but sort of giving them a new context," said Oronde Wright, Senior Exhibition Designer.

As a main feature, the Torosaur skeleton will be arranged to show the clash that caused a visible puncture wound.

"Right now on display, it doesn't really tell much of a story, but once we heard the science around it, we were like, we have to create this dramatic instance where it got the wound," Wright said.

"Kids love the dinosaurs, but the information we're providing should be accessible and interesting and exciting for everyone," said Dr. Ellen Censky, president and CEO of Milwaukee Public Museum. 

The Torosaur Clash is just one example of exhibit storytelling and expanded education planned for the future museum.

"It will be this immersive environment where you can create your new memories, but with peeks back to those old memories," Censky said.

Many iconic exhibits from the current museum have to be reimagined to fit the new space.

"We want the community to be just as proud of the new museum as they are of this," Censky said.

The next gallery announcement is March 23, introducing a gallery called, "Wisconsin Journey." 

The public museum will remain open until their new location is ready. 


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