4 million lights take over Franklin Field for Enchant Christmas

NOW: 4 million lights take over Franklin Field for Enchant Christmas

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Embrace Wisconsin's winter months with some outdoor fun. 

From now through the end of the year, you can immerse yourself in an enchanted Christmas story at Franklin Field. 

One of the world's largest Christmas light mazes is in Wisconsin for the first time this winter. 

"Around every turn you'll see elf entertainment, you'll see jugglers, you'll see magicians, we've got dancing grannies coming out here," said Mike Atkins, the senior vice president of The Rock Sports Complex and Franklin Field. 

Stay warm by the fire and surrounded by four million lights. Or ice skate around the enchanted forest or walk the maze before visiting Santa's reindeer. 

"There's a different story at each Enchant, so this year here in Milwaukee at Franklin Field we have "The Great Search," where we are on the search for Santa's eight reindeer who got lost," said Atkins. 

It took more than a month to install all of the lights.

"When UWM finished their final fall baseball game we started immediately putting down turf protection and starting the build," said Atkins. 

Home plate of the field has been turned into an LED dance floor and the pitcher's mound now holds a 100-foot-tall Christmas tree.

"It takes an entire day, with a 100-ton crane here on site to actually lift that tree and get it into place," said Atkins, with "400,000 lights on that tree." 

The whole experience is 10 acres of Christmas magic. 

Wisconsin is one of seven states to host Enchant Christmas. Each event is a uniquely decorated with its own storyline. 

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