In final push, Mandela Barnes says he's an underdog whose campaign has outworked Sen. Ron Johnson's

NOW: In final push, Mandela Barnes says he’s an underdog whose campaign has outworked Sen. Ron Johnson’s

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS58) -- Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes started his last day of campaigning by telling supporters if they are worried about the latest poll numbers, to vote.

Barnes, who launched an election eve canvass at a Glendale home on Monday, is two points behind incumbent Senator Ron Johnson, according to the latest Marquette University poll.

"Polls go up and polls go down. But I will say, for anybody who is frustrated about a poll that had us down, show that frustration by showing up to vote. If you're that frustrated, bring three more people with you to vote," Barnes said.

The lt. governor also said the grassroots efforts of his campaign are what differentiates him.

"We have been outspent by outside groups, the most expensive Senate race in the history of Wisconsin. But I can guarantee you, we have not been outworked," he said.

Calling himself an underdog, Barnes said the ads running in favor of Johnson focus more on attacking him than on Johnson's two terms in D.C.

"The reality is, these commercials aren't talking about what a wonderful job Ron Johnson has done because that's too much of a lie for them to tell," he said.

"The reality is, he's left us behind, he has no track record, no campaign to run on."

Barnes said he planned to leave no stone unturned before Election Day. He also had events scheduled in Green Bay, Madison, and Waunakee on Monday.

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