Alderman Russell Stamper connects community members to police to discuss crime-based solutions

NOW: Alderman Russell Stamper connects community members to police to discuss crime-based solutions

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's a chance to voice your concerns and find real solutions. Friday, May 20, Alderman Russell Stamper connected community members to police for their "Coffee with a Captain" event. Reckless driving and shootings were at the top of the list.

It's all about bringing concerns and solutions to breakfast.

"The current concerns are everything, garbage in my lawn, reckless driving, violent crime. we're here in the community that's plagued by all of these things. I want to tell people what we're doing about it," Herb Glidewell said. He is a Milwaukee Police District 3 Captain.

Glidewell partnered with Alderman Russell Stamper at "Coffee Makes You Black" coffee shop Friday morning.

"It's part of their "Coffee with a Captain" movement. They answer questions from the community, get feedback and talk solutions.

"They always put a lot of expectation on the alderman and the police department, but the people are the ones in the neighborhood day to day and see things," Alderman Russell Stamper said.

Captain Glidewell says their focus right now is reckless driving.

"We're trying to target those prolific drivers and take enforcement action," Glidewell said.

CBS 58's Winnie Dortch sat down with a few people who say Milwaukee has the potential to be better. They say no one should wait on city leaders or the police department to do all the work.

"It's not going to happen overnight," Maria Beltran said. "You have to get out and help us fight it." 

Lindsay Heights' neighbor Sharon Chaney says pushing the curfew helped.

"It's been quieter in my neighborhood since it was in effect," Chaney said.

As for stamper, he says this is just the tip of the iceberg for his plans.

"It's very important. I keep the communication lines open that I'm in the neighborhoods and that we work together to reduce crime and bring positivity to the 15th aldermanic district." 

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