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April 15, 2018 Racine & Me: Racine Co. Business Solutions Spring Hiring Event, Rapper Skyzoo, and Club Aqua Paws

NOW: April 15, 2018 Racine & Me: Racine Co. Business Solutions Spring Hiring Event, Rapper Skyzoo, and Club Aqua Paws


Jacob Kittilstad talked briefly about this week’s announcement that House Speaker Paul Ryan (R – WI District 1) will not be seeking reelection – before turning to the program’s guests. Racine County Business Solutions is hosting their annual Spring Hiring Event. Organizers say it is currently a “job seekers market” so it’s the perfect time for people to make a career move if they’ve been wanting to. Coordinators are also offering resume advice along with appearance help from the Racine YWCA. Click here for more information

Next, Brooklyn-born rapper Skyzoo stopped by the studio during his first event visit in Wisconsin. His latest album is called “In Celebration of Us” and focuses on police interaction with African Americans. Skyzoo talked about how his music has developed over the past few years. He also reflected on being a new father – and if he would ever let his newborn son pursue being a rapper if he wanted to. Click here to visit Skyzoo on Instagram

Skyzoo also performed a song from his new album – and talked more about his thoughts on Racine (he knew about the city because of the Caron Butler connection) and if he knew what a Kringle is. Click here for visit Skyzoo on Twitter

Despite the April weather staying cold and snowy, a new business in Racine is giving people swimming options for dogs. Club Aqua Paws is an indoor facility that allows people to rent their pool for certain amount of time so their pets can work off some energy. The business owner says the work-out is good for animals that are old or recovering from injuries because it is low-impact. But it’s also just a good time for dogs that love the water. Jacob also stops by the pool to meet some of the swimmers and learn more about the set-up. Click here for more information on Club Aqua Paws

Guests: Sarah Kapellusch – Racine County Business Solutions, Juan Gamez – Racine County Business Solutions, Skyzoo – Rapper, Michael Iwon – Club Aqua Paws Owner, Max The Dog – Mascot so-to-speak of Club Aqua Paws

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