Bald eagle being cared for by WHS after it was found with a broken wing and beak

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A bald eagle is being cared for by the Wisconsin Humane Society after it was found with a broken wing and beak. 

The eagle was brought in by a Department of Natural Resources Conservation Biologist on Wednesday, Dec. 7. 

WHS says a full exam and radiographs revealed the eagle suffered a severe fracture with an extensive wound to the humerus in his wing, and they could see the tip of his beak was broken as if he’d fallen out of the sky.

The eagle had emergency surgery on Thursday, to thoroughly clean and close the wound and to stabilize his fracture site.

WHS says if his condition improves and he gains enough strength, he'll have an additional surgery in the coming days to give him external fixators to ensure appropriate alignment of the bone as he heals. Blood work also revealed a level of lead toxicity he needs to be treated for, and additional bloodwork and diagnostic tests are still pending.

WHS is asking for donations to its Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. CLICK HERE for more. 

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