Battery-powered electric bus unveiled in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee County Transit System is introducing a new type of bus to its fleet, unveiling its first battery-powered electric bus this week.

This method of power means zero emissions, a priority guiding the future of public transportation in many large cities across America.

Officials say that this bus will be in service starting next year as part of Wisconsin's first rapid transit line under the MCTS Connect brand. Their stated goal is to make this a step towards making public transit more sustainable.

Martin Larose, President of Nova Bus says that access to this type of vehicle changes the public transit environment in a major way, adding, "Electric buses are really a game-changer. Putting a bus in service obviously right off the bat is good for the environment, you remove cars from the city."

He also praised the new bus for being cleaner and quieter.

MCTS began the construction and infrastructure of this project last year, purchasing 11 battery-powered electric buses.

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley said in March 2021 that alternative fuel buses would represent the future of public transit in Milwaukee, saying, “We’re excited to transition towards greener, more sustainable and more efficient transit for our community. Innovative technologies like this help in our mission to advance racial equity and enhance the quality of life through great public service.”

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