Happy 414 Day: 'Bringing together all races, ethnicities, people from different backgrounds'

Happy 414 Day: ’Bringing together all races, ethnicities, people from different backgrounds’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee's 414 Day is all about celebrating the city. It's a chance to highlight Milwaukee's progression and its challenges.

One day after his inauguration, Mayor Cavalier Johnson and other city leaders celebrated 414 Day. 

"I, Cavalier Johnson, mayor of the city of Milwaukee, do hereby proclaim today, Thursday, April 14, or '414,' to be 'Milwaukee 414 Day' throughout our entire city. So happy 414 Day, Milwaukee."

It's a special day to celebrate the city, connect with businesses and organizations in your community and bring everyone to the table.

"It's so amazing when things come together like this. I just like to see it grow every year. It's like this circle of inclusion that just grows and it grows, and every year we just add a circle before everyone is included, and I think that's kind of the Milwaukee way," Fred Gillich said, creator of the 414 flag.

"Bringing together all of the different races, ethnicities, people from all different backgrounds," Lafayette Crump said. He is the commissioner of community development. 

While many are celebrating, Crump thinks it's important to also recognize the city's issues and continue to push Milwaukee to greatness.

"When we think about where Milwaukee is now and where it can be, there's a real understanding that this is an opportunity. We need to recognize what our problems are, but we can't just lament them." Crump said. "We have to be thinking about how do we transcend those issues and really make Milwaukee one of the best, if not the best place to live." 

"The more people that can go around the world and say yeah, I'm from Milwaukee, and not have people laugh, then we are doing a better thing," Gillich said.

Crump says even after this day, continue to celebrate what Milwaukee can be if everyone sticks together.

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