'Building hope': Habitat for Humanity's Community Build Week in Kenosha spotlights affordable housing needs

’Building hope’: Habitat for Humanity’s Community Build Week in Kenosha spotlights affordable housing needs

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – Community groups in Kenosha are helping Habitat for Humanity's effort to make affordable housing a reality.

Amanda Maran is a single mom with two teenagers that was recently accepted for a new, affordable home by Habitat.

"We've never had a house, we've always been in apartments, so I think they're so excited to be able to have their own space," Maran said. "We're excited to hopefully host Thanksgiving or Christmas for the first time ever."

Maran's house is one of two being built on 35th Avenue in Kenosha, and one of eight in the Wilson Heights neighborhood.

"These homes are so much more than a home. They're building hope for people," said Angela Elliott, executive director of Habitat for Humanity Kenosha.

Local groups are donating money and time to Habitat for their Community Build Week, starting April 22.

Throughout the week we have the police department, fire department, Tri City, Chase, and all these different groups here from Kenosha that are supporting our organization," Elliott explained.

Habitat's Community Build Week spotlights the need for affordable housing.

"These homeowners work hard, and they just need a little assistance to get to the next chapter," Elliott said.

Habitat homeowners have to earn 250 hours of "sweat equity," by working on the project site and taking classes.

"You learn so many different things while doing this process. It really makes you appreciate all the hard work that goes into, you know, your home," Maran said.

Even after she moves in, Maran says she will continue to volunteer, passing the gratitude forward.

"I can dedicate my hours to another homeowner, and just help them in their process like people have helped me," Maran said.

Habitat for Humanity is staying busy in Kenosha. They plan to start six more homes before the end of the year.

Click here to learn more about Habitat for Humanity Kenosha.

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