Businesses excited for Packers playoff run; fans think they'll win Super Bowl

NOW: Businesses excited for Packers playoff run; fans think they’ll win Super Bowl

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Excitement is building for the Packers playoff game this weekend against the 49ers. Businesses are happy for the boost, and fans hope this game will just be the beginning for the team.

The biggest question right now: Can the green and gold take it all the way? Fans CBS 58 spoke with think so.

"The way they've been playing throughout the past -- not just this year, but the previous three -- it leads me to believe that they're going to win the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers is playing at a high level. Defense is better than it's been, that I've seen since Reggie White was here," said Packers fan Chris Johnson.

Kelly's Bleachers is stocked up with hand sanitizer and ready for the crowds.

"It takes a normal Sunday and probably times it by about five, and that would be a Packer game. Every seat is taken up," said Anthony Luchini, owner of Kelly's Bleachers.

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster for the Packers this year off the field.

"With everything that went on with Rodgers, all the fans want to see a win and see that the team is right where it should be," Luchini said.

But Saturday's forecast of a wind chill of zero and possible snow could actually work in Green Bay's favor.

"Jimmy Garoppolo, the niners quarterback, has never started a game in temperatures under 40 degrees in his career in the NFL," said Steve "Sparky" Fifer from the 1250 AM The FAN radio.

At 1250 AM The FAN radio, callers and their host are confident the green and gold will prevail.

"Confidence level that I have going into this game? I said one through ten? Ten," Fifer said. "I think they're winning the Super Bowl, been saying it a majority of the year."

And now fans say it's time to turn words into actions.

"It would be just so exciting for this town, for the town of Green Bay, for the state of Wisconsin," Johnson said.

Packers fans are invited to a Packers Playoff Pep Rally on Friday, Jan. 21 at 3:30 p.m. The pep ally will take place at the Packers Heritage Trail Plaza, located at the corner of Washington and Cherry Streets. Organizers are calling for green and gold vehicles to fit the theme of the pep rally.

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