Celebration of life held for 4-year-old killed in hit-and-run on Milwaukee's north side

NOW: Celebration of life held for 4-year-old killed in hit-and-run on Milwaukee’s north side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It was a celebration of life for Zekani Hymes-Wilson. Family members gathered at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center to honor the 4-year-old that was killed in a hit-and-run in April.

For family, Zekani Hymes-Wilson will always be remembered as a friendly little girl.

“No, no sadness," said Erica Hymes, Zekani's grandmother. “Beautiful, bubbly, she talked a lot.”

In April, Zekani and her mom, Gloria Hymes, were crossing the intersection of Teutonia and Vera. They were going to get lunch when they were struck by a vehicle. Zekani died on scene. 

“Man, unimaginable. I don’t have any words really, because I just can’t believe it," said Hymes. 

In surveillance video, the drive of the vehicle and a passenger ran out to check on Zekani and Gloria. The driver then got back into the vehicle and drove away -- a moment that drew a strong reaction from Milwaukee's Mayor. 

“They should be able to go outside and play or cross streets with their parents without having to worry about somebody hitting them and then just leaving the scene. That is garbage. It’s garbage. It’s (expletive) and it should not happen. It should not happen," said Mayor Johnson, in a press conference the day of the hit-and-run. 

Hymes says she was appreciative of the mayor for speaking out.

“Why would you leave the scene? Why would you leave? Why would you not assist?" said Hymes. 

Police later identified the driver at Gloria's boyfriend, 30-year-old Donald Crayton. Crayton was arrested after a police chase in Wauwatosa later that night. He is currently still in jail on a $500,000 bond. Crayton's next court appearance is June 4. 

“What’s the rush? Then you end up doing, killing someone, like my granddaughter just lost her life over speeding. Why?” said Hymes. 

Now, family members are honoring Zekani's memory. 

“She loved birthday parties, so the whole set up was more so on what she loved. But I want them to enjoy what she loved," said Hymes. 

Hymes says she believes Zekani's death will bring change, so that no other child is a victim to reckless driving. 

“I believe things will change because they see how this has not only impacted us as a family, it also impacted the community," said Hymes. “We’re all being affected by this.”

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