Cold weather, snow, means pond hockey tournament in Center Street Park

NOW: Cold weather, snow, means pond hockey tournament in Center Street Park


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Volunteer work and the weather came together today for people to enjoy a classic Wisconsin past-time: pond hockey.

Cold weather and snow made perfect conditions for all these pond hockey players to come out for the annual Center Street Hoser Midwinter Classic.

"This last week was pretty chaotic with the warm weather, and we got a couple of good nights of cold weather and winter is here and so this is what we do," said Center Street Hoser Ed Haydin.

Ed Haydin, one of the Center Street Hosers, says it's an annual opportunity for people to come out and have some fun.

"This is our first time doing this Center Street Park Midwinter Classic," said Sweet Puck Bellies team captain Brennen Buchand.

Ten teams, including Buchand and the Sweet Puck Bellies, took to the ice to compete.

"It's all based around Southern barbecue, sweet pork bellies, sweet puck bellies. Few of the names revolve around the actual pig names from the 2020 Winter Classic."

"You know the weather is really nice and it was fun to just get outside this first time we've had some ice and snow in a while," said Buswell.

Sara Busell with the Drunken Cobras says even when you wind up not winning...

"It was a good game. It was great," laughed Buswell.

Haydin says that's what makes this different.

"It's a little bit of a different game than an inside game because of the natural ice conditions. It's a little more camaraderie and fear drinking type activity," said Haydin.

Each team donates money to make it happen, and they let the community use the ice as well.

Jack Lake, with O'Brian's Pub Team and one of the Hosers, says it's a community effort.

"To raise money to get the liners for next year's ice, all this," said Lake, gesturing at the two rinks.

Lake said while it is competitive, however...

"I think we're gonna win it this year for sure because we've seen the caliber and the talent and we got a couple of guys we picked off," said Lake.

Nobody at the event is getting into a fight.

"Everybody's kind of a friend," said Haydin.

Anyone in the community can come out and have some fun on the ice. Just check the Friends of Center Street Park Facebook page for ice conditions and events.

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