Crime Stoppers: Dispute on city bus leads to shooting

Crime Stoppers: Dispute on city bus leads to shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police detectives are trying to figure out what led up to the moment a man shot another man at a Milwaukee bus stop on Feb. 7.  

"We are just looking to identify this individual and any information that you can provide," said Milwaukee Police Department Detective Ed Fitting. "The video speaks for itself pretty much."

Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) video shows the moments leading up to the shooting. First, a suspect in a blue coat seems to get on the afternoon bus, pay his fare and walk to a seat like any other passenger -- except the man had a loaded gun in his pocket. 

"He looks like he's older like he's around 30, early 40's," said Fitting. 

Detective Ed Fitting says a few stops after the suspect sat down, another man got on the bus not knowing he'd turn into a victim. 

"They end up sitting at the back of the bus. It appears something is being said but you can't tell from the video what is being said," Fitting said. 

The conversation doesn't last more than 15 seconds before it goes sideways and the suspect in the blue coat pulled out a gun and seemingly threatened the victim. 

"From what we can see on the video, obviously we can't hear what's being said on the video, but most of what's occurring were just words," said Fitting. 

Words that, at one point, caused the suspect to move away from the victim and sit in another seat. 

"At this point we are hoping to be able to talk to the suspect to find out what happened," said Fitting.  

Not too long after the suspect is seen getting off the bust at 401 East Capitol Drive, he's seen waiting for the victim and when he does, the suspect walks over, tries to fire his gun and realizes the safety is still on. 

As the victim stood there and watched, the suspect shot him in the legs and ran, leaving the victim crawling on the ground. 

"We need to talk to him, there's two sides to every story, we've heard one side, we've seen something on the video but there's another side to this whole thing," said Fitting.  

The victim is out of the hospital. Using the video and information from witnesses, detectives are close to solving the case but need the suspect to turn himself in, or someone who knows something to come forward. 

"If you know the person, see the person, call Crime Stoppers," said Fitting.  

If you know anything about this case, call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS. You can also use the P3 Tips app.

Remember, your call or tip submission is always anonymous, and if it leads to an arrest, you get a cash reward.

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