Custard controversy: Kopp's apologizes after linking flavor to 'Pro-Life Cupcake Day'

Custard controversy: Kopp’s apologizes after linking flavor to ’Pro-Life Cupcake Day’


GREENFIELD, Wis. -- A popular Wisconsin custard shop is causing a stir across social media.

On Monday, controversy erupted after posts from the Kopp's Frozen Custard website indicated their flavor of the day for Oct. 9 would be "Hey Cupcake," in honor of National Pro-Life Cupcake Day.

According to the Cupcakes For Life website, a pro-life organization created the day to raise awareness of "unborn babies" and pro-life ideals.

With abortion access remaining a point of contention, especially in Wisconsin, the burger joint's statement garnered a lot of attention.

After hours of social media scrutiny, Kopp's deleted the day off of their October Flavor Forecast and released a statement apologizing.

The restaurant called the move an "oversight" and "an honest mistake," saying it was never their intention to get political.

That apology post led to thousands of comments and reactions on social media.

Many were put off by the company mixing something so controversial with something that's supposed to be enjoyable.

"Why does politics have to enter everything we do?" asked Kopp's customer, Chris Fintak.

"They should just stick to custard. It's what they do best. Leave the politicians with the politics," said Mark Zastrow, another customer at Kopp's on Monday evening.

While the company said their intention wasn't to speak on politics, Tanya Atkinson, the president of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, believes the issue is more than a simple oversight.

"Reproductive health care has been politicized," Atkinson said. "It also underscores the need to take the politics out of sexual and reproductive health."

Despite the contention, Kopp's in Greenfield was still filled with customers on Monday, many with the same belief:

"I don't mix politics with custard. I just don't do it," Zastrow said.

Kopp's denied our request for an interview.

Their statement said they'll be more diligent reviewing their flavor lists in the future.

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