Dame time: Fans flock to Bucks Pro Shop to get buy new Lillard jerseys

Dame time: Fans flock to Bucks Pro Shop to get buy new Lillard jerseys

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The city is buzzing over the trade news about Damian Lillard and the Bucks Pro Shop has been busy getting ready for fans. Lillard fans flocked to the downtown pro shop to grab his brand new jersey on Thursday, Sept. 28. 

"In sports we can kind of set one calendar to the routine of everything and this is one of those rare moments where we can't really plan for and expect so the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind," said Dustin Godsey, chief sales and marketing officer for the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Lillard jerseys are going fast but Bucks' officials say new ones are being made to keep up demand. You can find them at the downtown pro shop, the Bayshore pro shop, and online here

"We will be here making them throughout the day. we have people on our presses really excited to get them to all the customers that are interested and they're going fast," said Valerie Suminski, vice president of retail for the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Since the trade news about the seven-time all-star guard broke, the Bucks say it's been hectic preparing for fans. 

"The impact and what we’ve seen from fans thus far has been really exciting and overwhelming as we start to gear up for the 23-24 season this jolt that we’ve seen from excitement in the community has been really incredible," said Suminski. 

The Lillard fanbase crosses all ages as hope has been reignited for a better season than last for the Bucks. 

"This year I think is going to be different," said Adam Shina, Lillard fan. "He's a really good player." 

The Lillard trade means the Bucks say goodbye to Jrue Holiday and Grayson Allen, but the pro shop says their jerseys will still be available for purchase until they run out. 

The first home game of the regular season for the Bucks is set for Oct. 26. 

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