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DWD: Average wait for unemployment benefits is 17 days

DWD: Average wait for unemployment benefits is 17 days


WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- The Department of Workforce Development says on average, people who've applied for unemployment are getting their first checks within 17 days.

There's still a large backlog of people waiting to get anything at all.

The department says new hires and contractors are being trained and are starting work now. 

A portion of those workers will be dedicated to reviewing claims with problems.

"You have to look at everything that's happened in the last 18 months on their claim to determine if benefits are payable or not," said Emily Savard, with the DWD.

Savard says people who've committed fraud are not allowed to get the extra $600 the federal government approved.

The state is still programming its computers to process claims for people who qualify for an extension.

Savard says it hopes to have those payments flowing in June.

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Brian 16 days ago
It is utterly irresponsible for the media to regurgitate the government's talking points. DWD postponed even accepting applications from the 1099 workers (contrary to Federal law) and then deliberately shunted all the 1099 workers applications into the "does not qualify" pipeline. Notice how DWD carefully only boasts about their delivery on "eligible" applications?? They've excluding all the 1099 workers.
Timothy 16 days ago
Is DWD even addressing the pua claims??????????? Or are we just forgotten about
Timothy 16 days ago
17 day's... Lolololololol... That's really funny.... I'm going on 9 plus weeks without even being able to speak with anyone at DWD.... 2 plus months and I can't get a hold of a single soul to speak with..... This shit is completely unacceptable unacceptable unacceptable unacceptable.... !!!!!! What do I do ????????? Really......
JKoch 17 days ago
I find this too funny. I’ve been waiting 6 weeks. Haven’t heard a word from them, and when you call, all you get is a “all operators are busy”.
SportingMan 17 days ago
17 days..ha..that's hilarious!
When is someone from the media going to actually confront the DWD about their failure??
JamesMason414 17 days ago
The 1 time in life when people really need some help after everything just about closed down Millions outta work they could’ve at least looked out for people by paying the benefits then went over everything and trust that the Americans have good faith and have a good heart now anyone who is fraudulent will be dealt with by God...... All it takes is a good heart by doing what’s right and that paying people the money and not worrying about 18 months ago worry about March 2020 when people was sent home from they job! Romans 10:8,9 Jesus is the way the Son of God times like this they the only ones who care God would never let us be in a situation like this he would share his $ and not look into our past!!
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