Fall corn maze designed using new methods and deeper purpose

NOW: Fall corn maze designed using new methods and deeper purpose


LODI, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Fall has arrived in Wisconsin, and what's more fall than a corn maze?

"We are all about the fall, all about it," said Angie Treinen, co-owner of Treinen Farm Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch.

A short road trip from Milwaukee families can experience all the fixings of fall; from hikes with breathtaking views, to feeding farm animals of all sizes.

"It's kind of a nice little business, but what if there were more things," said Treinen.

Treinen, operates the farm in Lodi with her husband Allen.

The couple have operated the farm as an entertainment center for families for nearly 21 years.

The main attraction on the farm is the corn maze, bringing in thousands of visitors every year.

"They realize they have a map, and they have to look for entrance one and entrance two, and then they can begin navigating," said Treinen.

Every year visitors seek a thrill at the corn maze. A corn maze designed by Angie and executed by Allen.

"I learned how to use a graphic design program well enough to make lines that are the right width. Our designs are a lot more complicated than a lot of mazes, we've always been concerned that a GPS system might not be accurate enough," said Treinen.

And while Angie deigns the maze, her husband Allen plants the stock of corn.

"He plants the corn in a grid, plants the rows going one way, which is how you usually plant corn, and then he double plants it, so he plants it with rows going perpendicular," said Treinen.

This system didn’t come without its learning curve, said Allen, taking a lesson from his nephew.

"Gee uncle Allen, if we set out a grid out here, like this, it would be a lot easier, I said that was a great idea, how would you go about doing that? and I learned all about grids again," said Allen.

Angie said she doesn’t design the maze on whim, but with a bigger picture in mind, 15 acres to be precise.

"I started googling things like hope, and radical hope," said Angie.

The year 2022, the business owner said she thought about what her clients were looking for, amid inflation, gun violence and heavy discourse in our legislative branches.

"I need a person, in this, I have to have a person in this maze. it's not just about the natural world. it's about our relationship to the natural world, "said Angie.

Just like that, a simple design of a boy playing in a swing,  complicated with twist and turns, offering adventure in a world that can sometimes seem uncertain.

For all the maze's operational information visit the link here.

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