Police identify Timothy Olson as Person of Interest in death of Raina Reighns

NOW: Police identify Timothy Olson as Person of Interest in death of Raina Reighns


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Friends of Raina Reighns identify her as the latest victim who fell unconscious while in the presence of Timothy Olson, and ultimately died.

Reighns' friend Daniel Walsh said they met over a year ago and became fast friends. They shared a love for karaoke.

"She was a person who would wear her heart on her sleeve, and you could see that in her," said Walsh.

One of Reighns' favorite spots for karaoke was Scotty's Bar and Pizza, where bartender Nicole Fabian relishes on the memory of her late friend.

"I would normally see her on karaoke nights, and she was really spunky, she was always with her sons," said Fabian.

On Wednesday, owners of Scotty's Bar and Pizza confirmed that Reighns was with Timothy Olson in their bar last Thursday. They said she was seen on surveillance footage with Olson at some point earlier that same day.

"I was shocked because I saw her hours before and I knew it was out of the ordinary because she was here at my starting of the shift, which was at one and not at nighttime," said Fabian.

The South Milwaukee Police Department is investigating this death and has confirmed with CBS58 that Olson is a person of interest. 

Reighns' friends are issuing a warning to women in Milwaukee to stay vigilant when out.

"Make sure you watch your drinks. If you could get a covered drink, make sure you get that because I, as a bartender, I have to hide my drinks because I'm unsafe," said Fabian.

Reighns' friends are planning a fundraiser at Scotty's Bar and Pizza, a place she frequented, for her family. They will host an event in celebration of her life on Dec. 13.

Reighns' funeral is set for Saturday, Nov. 26.

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