Governor Evers hosts roundtable with undergrads at UW-Milwaukee

NOW: Governor Evers hosts roundtable with undergrads at UW-Milwaukee


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Governor Evers held a roundtable at UW-Milwaukee Tuesday morning, Sept. 27. He plans to visit all UW campuses in the coming weeks. 

In Milwaukee, he spoke to about 30 students from various parts of the college.  

Students brought up topics important to them, like climate change, marijuana legalization and higher education. 

"My question is about college affordability and specifically, what kind of steps can you, and are you, taking," asked one student. 

Julian Maldanado asked about the governor's plan for gun reform. He's glad to have the opportunity to tell lawmakers what's on his mind.

"I think it's important for students to speak their mind on these subjects," he said. 

But he's not sure anyone has all of the answers.

"I've heard him say things, but I haven't really seen anything change on the streets," said Maldanado. 

When asked about his common sense gun violence reform, Evers said it's part of the solution, but it's also going to take the help of the people who live in the communities. 

"Some of it is the life difficulties that a lot of people face in this world, and we have to make sure we're also investing in good education, affordable housing, transportation and making sure that people have access to higher paying jobs. All the things that frankly, we don't do well," said Evers. 

The election is just over a month away. The governor will make a second stop at UW-Eau Claire. 

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